The First Crush

It’s been quite a while, you have grown up and everything has changed, except that 5 second army march in your stooped evening walk. Heads up, back erect, chest broad and walking stiff like a rock, just when you see her face – your First Crush.

Her face just flashed, right here, on this screen? Her name echoed in your ears? Her fragrance struck you? And what is it that I hear? Is it your heart pounding?

First Crush is always the deepest, and you still just remember her, its been years right? You are still thinking about her. No matter what, you are still ready to go for another try with her. Probably you screwed your first chance, and you begged for another one. She never gave you a chance though, and after a while you gave up. You thought it would be easy to forget her. You thought out of sight is out of mind. You thought you’ll never look back, and moved on with life, but there she is, on your mind right now.

Let me bring you a story about two young fellows, Raman and Ananya. These two thirteen year olds, never thought life was going to change for them, forever. Love at first sight was something that they never believe in, love when they got close; still didn’t exist. How they ever met? How the two opposites attracted? Will they ever get together? And what surprises wait for them?

A story that will take you to the memories of your first love, a story of love, romance and intimacy. A story yet untold.

Hi, I’m Sunain Singh Banga, Author of The First Crush at 13.

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Book launched on 22nd April, worldwide.

Available on,


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