Bye Bye WordPress

Umm, hmm, uh... I'm leaving. It's final. After having 160+ posts on this little blog, I've decided to finally leave this and get a new website for myself. Something that runs at its own. Something that I have complete control over. No templates, no predefined borders, no ads, no branding, just something that I completely… Continue reading Bye Bye WordPress


Random Ranting #8 – Notifications

My phone rings all day long! Literally all day long. My phone battery earlier used to last at least 3 days without going through a full charge. Then I would charge it up and used it at ease. But now, my phone is ringing all the time! A few years back, when I saw people's… Continue reading Random Ranting #8 – Notifications

Ties and Boots

I visited a Business School lately, and it just reminded me of a factory. An overpriced factory, producing similar products no difference, just different barcodes, different flavors and running down the assembly line. Everyone looked exactly the same. Everyone wore a suit and a crisp white shirt inside it, shiny shoes, gelled hair and cotton… Continue reading Ties and Boots

The Perfect Couple – Excerpt

It has been 2 years, 8 months, and 11 minutes of dating this superhot, super-cute and super-excited girl who never missed a chance to surprise me. It has been a long time, yet it feels like weeks. We made a million memories, but everything for me starts and ends at her almond-brown eyes that say… Continue reading The Perfect Couple – Excerpt

About Motorbike Riding and Bandages

People don't look around when they cross the roads! So, most of you, you have been following me from a very long time, might probably know how passionate I'm about bike riding and my dream trip is being on the highest motorable road in the world on a complete bike trip from my home to… Continue reading About Motorbike Riding and Bandages