What will you write and what will you hold back on a few sheets of paper, two dozen sheets of paper, on a quire. Will you write about the event of your recent past? About the girl, you met after four years of being away. It was a just a little glimpse but it forced… Continue reading Quire


“Lucky Ones”

Everyone has their own perspective about you. They have an image about that you cannot change. We spend our lives trying to change something about ourselves in the eyes of someone who doesn't even matter. We try to tweak our image for people who have already figured out who you are after meeting you for… Continue reading “Lucky Ones”

What is Forgivable?

Love, Lust, Acquataince, Admiration. Friends, Family, Foes, Backstabbers. The question is, who would you forgive and never look back at? The one who has been sinning for years and has¬†always been the one who bought trouble in your life. Or the one you trusted with every last piece of your soul but they broke you… Continue reading What is Forgivable?


I hate patterns. I hate patterns and somehow everything around me seems to fall into a pattern. We, in fact, follow something worse than a pattern, schedules. We have body cycle schedules, we have sleep schedules, we have work schedules, we have office schedules, school schedules and every other thing we do has a schedule.… Continue reading Random