Alfaazon ki antakshri me mein roz tujhse baat karne ke bahane chupa lata, Para kabhi baat kar na paya, Mein roz aaine ke samne ghanton khud se batiyata umeed me ki aaj baat hogi, Par jab tu samne aai koi alfaaz kabhi nikal na paya. Tujhe dekhte hi mast magan dil fir jhoom uthta yeh… Continue reading Alfaaz

Tum ho toh

Tum ho toh Khawishein bhi hai, Kaash tum na ho Toh khwab nahi hai, Tum ho toh Chahtein bhi hai, Kaash tum na ho Toh icchaien nahi hai, Tum ho toh Pyaar bhi hai, Izhaar bhi hai, Kaash tum na ho. Tum ho toh, Toh haan bhi hai, Inkaar bhi hai, Kaash tum na ho,… Continue reading Tum ho toh

Bye Bye WordPress

Umm, hmm, uh... I'm leaving. It's final. After having 160+ posts on this little blog, I've decided to finally leave this and get a new website for myself. Something that runs at its own. Something that I have complete control over. No templates, no predefined borders, no ads, no branding, just something that I completely… Continue reading Bye Bye WordPress

Random Ranting #8 – Notifications

My phone rings all day long! Literally all day long. My phone battery earlier used to last at least 3 days without going through a full charge. Then I would charge it up and used it at ease. But now, my phone is ringing all the time! A few years back, when I saw people's… Continue reading Random Ranting #8 – Notifications

Ties and Boots

I visited a Business School lately, and it just reminded me of a factory. An overpriced factory, producing similar products no difference, just different barcodes, different flavors and running down the assembly line. Everyone looked exactly the same. Everyone wore a suit and a crisp white shirt inside it, shiny shoes, gelled hair and cotton… Continue reading Ties and Boots

The Perfect Couple – Excerpt

It has been 2 years, 8 months, and 11 minutes of dating this superhot, super-cute and super-excited girl who never missed a chance to surprise me. It has been a long time, yet it feels like weeks. We made a million memories, but everything for me starts and ends at her almond-brown eyes that say… Continue reading The Perfect Couple – Excerpt

About Motorbike Riding and Bandages

People don't look around when they cross the roads! So, most of you, you have been following me from a very long time, might probably know how passionate I'm about bike riding and my dream trip is being on the highest motorable road in the world on a complete bike trip from my home to… Continue reading About Motorbike Riding and Bandages