Call me, Maybe?

"I know you have to talk a lot more and I want to listen to it, but aren't you getting late?" I shrugged. I wish I never said that, we were meeting after years and I knew I wasn't going to meet her anytime soon again but this was something I always did. You don't… Continue reading Call me, Maybe?



Do you believe in stars? Astrology? Nor did I. Do you believe in fate? I do, and I believe that however adverse thing might seem right now, somethings are meant to be, and they'll fix no matter what. I'm 19, and this is a note to someone I may have met, or might meet in… Continue reading Fumble

The First Crush

It's been quite a while, you have grown up and everything has changed, except that 5 second army march in your stooped evening walk. Heads up, back erect, chest broad and walking stiff like a rock, just when you see her face – your First Crush. Her face just flashed, right here, on this screen?… Continue reading The First Crush