Have you ever thought how could we humans develop folk tales and stories that sound too good or too bad to be real? We lied. On an average, a man begins to lie from the time they are four. No one teaches us, no one tells us to, we are not smart enough to understand… Continue reading Truth


Random Ranting #7 – Down with Fever

This sucks. I'm on my chair right now, reclining as much as I could, keyboard in my lap and a blanket on top of me. Even the keyboard is in the blanket because I won't dare remove my hand out. The fan is off, the windows are closed, the door is shut, and I'm still… Continue reading Random Ranting #7 – Down with Fever

Setting Sun

Sunrise 6 a.m. Sunset 6 p.m. Many come to see sunsets and hardly anyone is excited about sunrise. People travel across lands, spend thousands on commute, have specific spots, all for viewing sunsets. Some do it for a sunrise, but it's just bunch of people compared to the thousands who are excited to watch a… Continue reading Setting Sun