Is it Worth it?

We at one point have fought for things that we believed would make us happy. We have believed that things that are not ours, will make us happy when they are. We have fallen into battles that aren't even ours, to become happy. And when the storm settles, we ask ourselves was it worth it?… Continue reading Is it Worth it?


The First Crush

It's been quite a while, you have grown up and everything has changed, except that 5 second army march in your stooped evening walk. Heads up, back erect, chest broad and walking stiff like a rock, just when you see her face – your First Crush. Her face just flashed, right here, on this screen?… Continue reading The First Crush

The Perfect Couple

It had been 2 years, 8 months and 11 minutes of dating this super cute, super-hot, super sexy and super excited girl who never let a chance to surprise me. It has been long time, yet it feels like weeks, we made a million memories, but everything for me still starts and ends at her… Continue reading The Perfect Couple


"Forget Everything And Run" "Face Everything And Rise" "First Encounter Assault Recon" maybe? No. Gamers? Height? Water? Closed room, dark, audience, death? What do we fear? Why are we afraid? What crosses your mind when you hear the word? We have been so afraid of so may things but we love them and name them… Continue reading F.E.A.R.