It had been 2 days and 17 hours since they last text-talked, 1 year 4 months and 16 days since they last talked and 4 years 2 months and 23 days since they last met and today they were texting again. They looked good, together. Yes, 'looked' good, they are not together anymore, not like… Continue reading Jealous


First Sight

Love. At first sight? Does it happen or does it not? I don't know, maybe, but maybe not. Love is a strange thing. A love affair is... is... stranger? It makes you do things you don't want to and happens when you are not ready. It hits you by chance and takes you away with… Continue reading First Sight

The “Cost” of Drama

<- Read the previous article here Just when Opportunity was about to get the contract signed from Will, Work, Hope and Try, Cost jumped in front of them and stated his demands. The first one said, that they'll make them the best town in the entire world if they could cut down their communication for… Continue reading The “Cost” of Drama