Heaven or Hell?

What if you die early? Maybe in your twenties and a peaceful living is not exactly your thing. Are you going to get bored in heaven? Heaven is a very peaceful place, or everyone says so. With what I know about it, there are beautiful looking souls that don't have a gender. Genders only exist… Continue reading Heaven or Hell?


What the World Wants?

I wish he would start walking soon. I hope he says his first words soon. This time I want straight "A"s on your report card. Look at him, he scored a 98/100 in maths. Look at him she got a full scholarship from the school. He's so good at football, you should try some sports… Continue reading What the World Wants?

You’re Happy Without Me

It is hard, to understand, That you don't wanna talk to me anymore, It is hard, to understand, We are not, together anymore, I know we aren't, I know we won't, But I still, stand by your door, Just hoping that at some point, You'll open up and fill my arms, 'cause . When you,… Continue reading You’re Happy Without Me