Growing up

If everything was as easy as crying for it, If relationships never took any effort, If happiness was not found materialistically Yes, if growing up was an option. I was walking down a lane when I saw a kid running after something or someone even though his grandma was right beside him. A few days… Continue reading Growing up



Do you believe in stars? Astrology? Nor did I. Do you believe in fate? I do, and I believe that however adverse thing might seem right now, somethings are meant to be, and they'll fix no matter what. I'm 19, and this is a note to someone I may have met, or might meet in… Continue reading FUMBLE

You are… Stardust!

Sometimes it hard to believe in yourself, Sometimes you might feel our worthless, Sometimes all you need is someone, But, sometimes all you need to do, is remember your worth. You are going good, you are living your life, you have finally moved on to being someone after years of pain, agony and nights of… Continue reading You are… Stardust!

It Rained in Mumbai

It rained, here in Mumbai. and it is raining while I type this. It isn't monsoon yet and it won't be for another month, but it rained. The off season rains might be a little annoying but rains┬ábring in so much. Besides, the traffic splattering mud on you, ruining your documents and electronic devices or… Continue reading It Rained in Mumbai