The Perfect Couple

It had been 2 years, 8 months and 11 minutes of dating this super cute, super-hot, super sexy and super excited girl who never let a chance to surprise me. It has been long time, yet it feels like weeks, we made a million memories, but everything for me still starts and ends at her almond brown eyes that say so much more than what words ever could. They glisten under the moon, and sparkle under the sun; they are deep when she’s low and deeper when she’s jolly and remarkable, when she looks back in mine. Her lips, the perfect shade of pink, her hair brunette, and her hands, so soft; that even silk might just get jealous and when she smiles; God! The whole world stares at her, and yes, the best part, she stares at me, she’s mine. The first time I saw her, I never thought she would be so important to me, I never had the slightest tinge of feelings for her, and now, all I know about love is one word, one name, one person. “We  – the Perfect Couple”… well everyone said so.

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