Immortal Love

Love. An omnipresent and the most powerful feeling in the entire universe that could conquer everything, as long as it is not between the people of two different castes, creeds or is between the people of the same sex. Love has said to have conquered a lot of things. From the hearts of millions of… Continue reading Immortal Love


Education is not Important, Learning is

What was the one thing that you learned in your college days? What I learned was that attendance is a lot more important than what I learn in college. You could attend all the lectures and pay no attention to what someone is saying, sit on the bench for the entire day and still be… Continue reading Education is not Important, Learning is

Was Birth a Choice?

Everything about the way we were born sounds so hyped. Scientifically, with the race, astronomically, with the position of the planets and the stars, mythologically, with the purpose of life, and individually, well, everyone except you was excited. It doesn't sound like you were born and it is a natural process, no. It was such… Continue reading Was Birth a Choice?