My Moon – Vanished

Another one from the old book. This was one of my first poems and I don't even remember when I wrote it. Probably on a page in school lecture 6 years ago or on a message thread while returning from classes, there were no memos back then. Anyways, it is out, please don't laugh. Please.… Continue reading My Moon – Vanished



I've been away for a while, well, quite a while. Away from everything, social media, web, my blog; people. I've been away, at home, sitting in this chair, staring at this white screen, enjoying my isolation, my solitude. I've been away thinking. Thinking about all the things I never saw, thinking of the things I'll… Continue reading Away

What the World Wants?

I wish he would start walking soon. I hope he says his first words soon. This time I want straight "A"s on your report card. Look at him, he scored a 98/100 in maths. Look at him she got a full scholarship from the school. He's so good at football, you should try some sports… Continue reading What the World Wants?