Wait… What?

I have problems? I do. I have a brain? I guess. I have been crushed? I have. What is my life? A mess. Why don't I live like a King? Because I was checkmated in Chess. . I've been looking for her, I lost her years ago, I remember how she smells, Not how she… Continue reading Wait… What?


In Worst Case We Will Be Best Friends

I know it has been hard for you. It has been hard for me too. I've been holding this from the past so many years. Inside me, buried in, bottled in. Holding everything and never letting a single word escape. It's been so many years and I've never said a word. Saw you passby me,… Continue reading In Worst Case We Will Be Best Friends

Make Her Listen

We Must Never Give Up the Fight, The Moment We Do, We have Lost. A lot of you have been asking me, why have I stopped using #makeherlisten. Have I given up the fight? Well, here’s the answer, no, I haven’t. Read what derived us here in the first part here - Fight – An… Continue reading Make Her Listen