"I'm not going to move from this chair until I've typed 2000 words... or I have to pee, whichever comes first." Most of the days you sit back on your chair staring at the blank white screen or just lines on a paper. You want to push forward, make your career happen, make your company… Continue reading Silent



We all start somewhere. Some place that is green, grassy, has water around it, or we might start on a rocky terrain, or even in scorched earth, but we all start somewhere and then we start building. We have a spot, a spot where we kept our feet and then we see the hill. We… Continue reading Peaks

The Griffin #2 – Impatience

<- Read the Previous Part Here Our little hero flapped and fluttered but his pace downwards kept on increasing. After a while, there was no flapping, fluttering our any other struggle. He was just falling down. He gave up all hope and looked down at the rock he was headed too. For a moment he… Continue reading The Griffin #2 – Impatience