Have you ever missed something, but you don’t know what it is? Have you ever found something, but you don’t know what it is? In play of the chambers of the human heart, There you stand gorgeous, the dagger to my heart. . Today again, I stand alone, in the desert of the hearts, Searching… Continue reading Deserted


You’re Happy Without Me

It is hard, to understand, That you don't wanna talk to me anymore, It is hard, to understand, We are not, together anymore, I know we aren't, I know we won't, But I still, stand by your door, Just hoping that at some point, You'll open up and fill my arms, 'cause . When you,… Continue reading You’re Happy Without Me

The “Hope” of Drama

Everyone believed in Will, everyone thought he was amazing until one day, Will shattered. The whole lie Will had been playing on came to everyone's knowledge. Everyone now understood the game Will had been playing. Will was always there but he was not working. Everyone thought Will will pave ways for them, but well he… Continue reading The “Hope” of Drama