The Griffin #2 – Impatience

<- Read the Previous Part Here Our little hero flapped and fluttered but his pace downwards kept on increasing. After a while, there was no flapping, fluttering our any other struggle. He was just falling down. He gave up all hope and looked down at the rock he was headed too. For a moment he… Continue reading The Griffin #2 – Impatience


Sticky Notes

I forget. I forget a lot more than I should. I forget about turning off my PC. I forget to do tasks that I'm supposed to do. I forget to shut the refrigerator door after taking what I need, heck I forget to take stuff from the refrigerator. I forget to turn off the stove,… Continue reading Sticky Notes

The “Chance” of Drama

<-Read the previous article here Right after Cost placed his demands everyone in the town was aggravated. No wanted to work, everyone was already frustrated by the workload they had, no there being no ways of entertainment, only meant more frustration. The town, however, had to work anyways they had taken up the task. No matter… Continue reading The “Chance” of Drama