On one day in their entire life, everyone is a King. Nothing goes wrong on that day. You get the train even though you were late, you get a promotion, you are not late for your date, and you get back home to find leftover cake in the refrigerator, the King of little things. But… Continue reading Resign


Missing Someone

There's a lot more to life than the counted breaths, There's a lot more to life than tears and sweats, There's a lot more to life than dumbs and sages, There's a lot more to relationships than unforeseen rages, . There's missed and missing, There's presence and missing, Even around someone you are alone, And… Continue reading Missing Someone

The “Opportunity” of Drama

<- Read Previous Part Here After Luck hopped by, the town did start flourishing and it did get bigger. There were more people living in this town than any other. There were smiles on the face of Will, Hope, and Work again. Though it was not a big town it was growing, or rather, it… Continue reading The “Opportunity” of Drama