Life seems like a miracle and death scares us all.

But what if you knew exactly when you were going to be born, will that be a miracle anymore? And what if you know exactly when you are going to die? Will that be terrifying anymore? Maybe it will still be terrifying, in fact, you might be even more terrified of it especially as the day approaches, but what if you were immortal? And the physical form, that you are in, is just you acting in a play? Once you are done you go backstage and then hop on to another play? You leave behind the body, the character, but the soul, the artist lives on.

Maybe the body dies, but the soul remains, forever, immortal? The body is just a mask that the soul wears.

We all have a purpose in life, the one we keep searching for, but maybe we all know it. It is not becoming rich, it is neither having the best start-up idea, nor becoming writers, musicians, artists, bankers, priests, or whatever else you are or want to be. Maybe we all already know what it is that we want, we just don’t know it as a textbook. We just know it because we do. We probably are born with some ill traits and we are here to get rid of them, or we are here to gain a few new ones.

It is greed, lust, kindness, having trust in, gain someone’s trust, help someone or it is something that we need to remove from ourselves and/or learn something new. We all probably know why we are here and when we are done getting what we really want, we may accept our death without flinching, maybe we are just waiting for it to come along. We might be scared of it, only and only if we have not completed what we want.

What if we have already completed what we were here to achieve? Well, then you would already know, I guess. And maybe the ones in a coma are wondering if they should pass on or just stay back and learn a few more things.

Have you ever thought that why you instantly connect with some people around you, and at times, even though you try your best to be around someone, you can hardly ever do anything to get their attention? It’s just as if you don’t exist for them. What if all these people have been around you before. Not in this lifetime, not anywhere else, but have some connection with you. Maybe your brother was your grandfather once, long long ago. Or maybe it was the other way around. And maybe the one that is rude to you, or ignores you, had slit your throat in a battle.

We connect with someone’s vibrations instantly and some don’t match. Maybe it is right to be drawn to matching or rather constructive vibrations. That is indeed the law of nature. But is it correct to run away from destructive vibrations? Or should we go out of the law of nature, and connect with them, for we are not nature. We are souls in a physical form.

What if guardian angels do exist? But they come in only when they see you in trouble or when you need guidance? What if people you see in your dreams after they have died, are actually communicating with you because they had some unsaid words or incomplete tasks involving you. What if children who are talking to their imaginary friends are not talking to imaginary friends, but there is someone actually there? But only they can see them?

Maybe we come from the same place, we all know what we are here for, and maybe we are all equals, even though the cultural, intellectual, racial, and financial differences are right there, in our faces. But think about it, maybe we are equal, all equally big and shiny diamonds. It is just a matter of how many facets we have cleaned.

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