Slit, bleed, cease.

Maybe that’s lingering around in your head from months now.

It even took over you, or your past failures pushed you to it; but you are here, reading. Because maybe, you failed at it too. Another failure to add on to your list.

But for a second, think if you succeeded at everything you did. Would you ever try something new? Try a new way? Would you make an effort to do anything? And now think if you succeeded at it too. Would you ever get to try again?

So, maybe, just maybe, failures aren’t that bad after all, and failing at a few things is far better than succeeding at them. You might not see it like that, but everyone around you does, believe me, for I’m one of them.

Do you know why you failed? I made it happen. Do you know why you tried? I made it happen. And do you know why everything went wrong? Because I made it happen. Why everything is right now? I made it happen.

The fire at your restaurant, the buzzing crowd, the car crash, the new car, the exam result, the break up, the wedding, the suicide, the newborn, the long medical bill, the loan, the debt, the law, the success, and everything and anything that led you to being here, right now, it was all me.

No one can be happy at all times, no one can frown at all time. No one can have a constant, no one cannot know what it is like to have everything, or lose it all in one go. You can be at the top of your world, you can be at the apex of the highest mountain, but cannot trust the snow beneath, and you cannot trust the skies above.

I’m not a friend, I’m not your enemy, I’m not a deity you worship, nor am I a demon that could be killed. I don’t flow like the wind, I am not steady like the earth, I don’t need a vessel like water, nor do I breathe free like fire, I’m not cold, I’m not warm. I am a power. I am Fate.

Maybe it’s just me, or it has always been around and I just noticed it recently, but a lot of people around me are giving up on things the shouldn’t. A lot of people around me are not sure about what they are doing. It might just be the age and the phase that we are in but it is all around me.

Sometimes, packing up your bags, leaving home, and running away from everything sounds perfect. Just get out of wherever you are and hide in a cave far away from everything there is, was or will be. But thinking about it, probably staying alone was what made pushed you there, and talking to someone might just help. It will break your thought tunnel and lead you to a new world of open windows.

You can talk to me too! I’m not saying I know everything and I will help you out, because I don’t and I can’t, but I would hear you out. I would give you a hand out of the pit or maybe we could stay in the pit together, at least it won’t be dark, lonely, or frightening anymore. And someday, we’ll figure a way out.

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