It is Just a Story

I never said I love you, I never said I like you as much. I was just saying how things could have been different if I did, and you did too. It was just a story, where I talked and you heard, I was a fiction that sounded real, and maybe you fell in love with the surreal.

I never said I want to be with you, I never meant that I want to hug you. I just said it would have been like Stardust, if and when we hugged. When I would have wrapped my arms around you, when I could be your pillow to cry on, and I would be your arms to laugh in, and I would see you smile in my chest, and you would have complained about my hug being too tight. And Stardust isn’t real, just like our hug, it is only in the stories.

I never said I’m falling for you, I never meant to compliment your eyes so. I just said that if and when I would have looked into them after a long tiring day, they would have brightened up my soul, it would have been the most amazing sight in the world that I would return to see every single night. And I would have treasured it, every time I looked into them, and when they shone like gems against sunlight. I never looked into them, for they were closed when I spoke, and it was just a story.

I never said I wanted to place a ring on your fingers, I just said it would be amazing. I would have taken you to your office every day of the week, and we would go to movies and shopping every single weekend. We would have long drives, sit by the beach, the sea, the mountains, the hay, the farms, the grasslands, the barns, the flowerbeds, the cities, the rooftops, and… and… adore the view, while we soak in each other, making memories and capturing laughs. I said it would have been amazing like it is in the stories.

I never said you were my protagonist, I never said she looks like you. I just said that her hair are hazel brown, just like her eyes, I don’t know what color to call it, but they do look like yours. I just said she’s shorter than me, and she loves to wear white shirts and blue jeans, you just happened to wear the same while you stood next to me. I just said she loves chocolates and carries them around in the basket of her bike, like you carry some for me when you come to meet me. You were never my protagonist because you are real and she isn’t, just like the fiction tale.

I never said I love you, I never said I like you as much, I just said if things would have been different, if we weren’t far apart, even as we stood abreast, if I wrote the story, I would have said it.

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