The “Luck” of Drama

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The town did not improve even after so many efforts. There was no improvement in the condition of the town whatsoever. Even though endless boosts by Try the efforts of Hope, Will, and Work didn’t seem to work. Hope eventually started falling ill.

Will though stood tall in the adverse situation, he was weakening from the inside as Hope fell on the floor. Without Hope and weakened Will, Work couldn’t do much, his efficiency faded and there was no longer a need for Try.

With sick Hope, weakened Will, inefficient Work and useless Try, the town saw it’s death yet again. There was never going to be a fully functioning town ever again. But just as all four of these sat under the tree at night, lost and no heart to work further, they saw a golden ray hopping by the town. They tried to follow it but to no gains.

The golden ray was too fast for them. It came in and hopped across the town and then went away. Nowhere to be seen.

An old man came to the four of these, as they stood in the middle of the field looking for the golden ray and said. “It was luck, we have been blessed by its powers.” And before these could turn around to look at the old man they saw the golden ray going away yet again.

“Was he lying?” the thought rung in their minds, but Hope stood up again and there were no signs of illness in her anymore. Will, looking at Hope recover, stood up straight and Work did the tasks with doubled efficiency. Try too got back to its task of encouraging them.

With newborn Hope, Stronger Will, Doubled Work and Effective Tries, they started at the field again. The crops grew faster and yielded more food-product. Industries started flourishing and there was a bright morning every day in the town. Everyone was happy and there were no more problems in the town. The town grew bigger and more people started coming in.

But the town was still not the best in the world. It was mighty but not the best. It got a place on the state map, but not in the country or World Map. Though the goals seemed closer there was still a lot that Work had to do. Work tried harder but didn’t give it his best shot.

We had a visit from luck, but Work wasn’t that efficient.

We had a percent from Luck but never the 99 from Work.

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