Heaven or Hell?

What if you die early? Maybe in your twenties and a peaceful living is not exactly your thing. Are you going to get bored in heaven?

Heaven is a very peaceful place, or everyone says so. With what I know about it, there are beautiful looking souls that don’t have a gender. Genders only exist on the surface of our planet. So, there are just souls flying around. So, there’s going to be nothing like the “work to get laid” thing there. So, no one is going to work.

So basically, there are no challenges in heaven. But what are you going to do without challenges? For me, if there is no challenge there is no result. Winning a game, writing a blog, waking up at 6 in the morning, staying up till 6 in the morning, passing an exam, earning even pennies, everything is a challenge.

Moreover, if there is nothing controlling my mind, if there is no need to become an alpha male because no one could be better than anyone else, why would I even pursue something? Heck, why would I do anything? And if I’m not going to struggle with these every day what am I even supposed to do?

All you need to do through the day is fly around with wings that are practically too small to carry your weight. That’s against the laws of aviation, but you’ll fly anyway because the heaven doesn’t care what the humans think.

Also, there is this constantly playing melody. A tune that plays on loop over and over and over again. Won’t it be irritating? There’s no night in heaven and neither does anyone sleep, that does save moms from yelling at their children for being up so late, but c’mon!

So, is there something like a transfer? To hell maybe? The constant fighting with devils and threats of being fried in oil pan sound more interesting to me. Believe me, I’m a gamer, I’m more prepared “devil-apocalypse” than being tortured by melodious music.

Wait a minute, I will have an internet connection there, right?

To be continued.


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