How Life is Like A Writer’s Block

“What is a Writer’s block?” I’ve been asked this question a lot recently and this somehow seems to concern me. Not the fact that people don’t know what a writer’s block is, but that they know something like this even exists. I’ve been avoiding these question because it feels a little too connected to be talked about. Feels like letting out a secret.

But, something happened recently and I have a new way of looking at it. It’s probably not exactly giving out a secret but more like telling everyone, what life is all about. For me, what I write is inked with real-life and just like in writing, life too seems to have a writer’s block.

Now that I’ve decided to talk about it, I don’t think there’s a better way give it to you than this. I’ll tell it to you in media where a writer’s block holds its importance, in writing.

So, What is a Writer’s Block?

I’ve been writing for years now and when I’ve been stuck in a story, the only thing I could connect with it is, well, nothing. There are situations in life where you don’t know what to do next. Where you don’t know what are you even planning to do. There is nothing ahead of you and you can’t undo what you’ve done so far.

It has been years that you’ve been pursuing something and then you find these utterly unsettling argument about it. It seems to change your whole perspective about it and what you thought was ideal for you, no longer seems to have a justification. Everything boils down to what are you going to do next? But there’s no next.

Blank White Screen

There seems to be nothing ahead of you. You can withdraw your proposal or project or a person from your life or something related to it or something remotely related to something that you did a few chapters ago, but it still doesn’t seem to make sense. So, you still don’t know what to do next. Except staring into the darkness and that’s the blank white screen.

You stare at it as long as you can and get yourself into stuff you never wanted to do in the first place. Getting another job – Typing random words. Or you just fill it with pubs, clubs and alcohol and ellipses(…) so that it doesn’t look empty anymore. But do you see those spaces between the ellipses, no you don’t! And that’s the issue here.


You go to a psychiatrist, that’s a ghostwriter and tell them to fix the things you did when you messed up! Accept it, you messed up! It was you all along, it is your book and this is your story. Everyone could write, erase and re-write their own stories. You don’t need a ghostwriter for god sake! You have your entire squad or rather work-station with you. There’s your coffee brewer and that picture on your desk and that new tab on your window and that… and tha… that fidget spinner. Spin it around, let it point to your fate! Yes, that’s right you can do it.

I get it, it will take longer. You’ll have to erase, tear those pages, strike them out, read your life all over again and then might be you could know where you went wrong. If you still don’t, read, strike and erase them again. It is going to take super long, it’s going to be super tough and will be super-duper heart-wrenching. But when you get over it, believe me, it’s going to be worth the effort.

Little help.

We all need little help, and I completely agree with it. You cannot be self-sufficient all the time. We all need a friend at some point, but not a ghostwriter. It’s a crime! Taking credit for someone’s writing for a few bucks. Just because you bought someone’s piece, it doesn’t make you a writer, it doesn’t teach you how to live your life. So, we do need help.

Call a friend.

Call in a friend and listen to her. Why do I say here? Because she’s a good writer? Hell no. You don’t want someone great at living their lives, all you want is someone who will hear you out. Guys listen too, just that they can’t somehow connect. If you find someone like them, get hold of theme and never let them go, for these people will help you write your story. There will never be a block.

Yes, you might have to change your story synopsis from the chapters that follow, you might need to change your plans with the story but it will be complete. Nothing ever turns out to be the way you thought it would be, trust me on that, but things that change are the best things in life.

Let it be.

If you can’t think of a way out, if your friend can’t help you, just let it be. Don’t care about it, don’t think about it, forget that it even exists. It sounds so easy on paper, rather, on screen since this is a web article, but whatever. You get the hint. So, it sounds pretty nice, it looks pretty nice and you are going to go, “Oh! This seems great.” but it isn’t.

The toughest thing to do it let something be. Constantly stare at it but let it be. It’s going to always be in front of your eyes. On desktop in stick notes. In files on the top. In games where you took inspiration from, in movies, in music, it’s everywhere. You are constantly being reminded about it and you still have to let it be. Don’t touch it! Just look at it but, shoo! don’t touch it!

Eventually, within a few days, weeks, months, quarters, halves or years it’s going to be okay. Depends on how hard you were being tunnel minded and how long does it take you to bring in that change. It will happen, it will happen just fine, but for now, just let it be.

It’s like a breakup

You are going to hate it from every cell of your body. You are going to cry over it, there will be depression and there will be so much more than just, “we broke up.” The worst part, only you know how hard it hurts. But here’s why you’ll love it.

But here’s why you’ll love it. A breakup makes artists. Writers, singers, painters, actors, and people we look upon. A breakup changes you in more ways than you could imagine. It makes you be what you always wanted to be. You don’t know what it was and somehow it just surfaces after a breakup. You know exactly what you want.

A breakup that made your life miserable and pushed you into dark-depression, makes your blurry life clear to follow. You see what you want and there you go, you writer’s block gone forever.


In writing, when you go at describing something, you could show how hard life could be and everyone will still relate. There could be breakups and post-breakup trauma. There could be bankruptcy and selling children at that point. There could be car accidents and coma and death and revenge and vengeance and there could be life.

But everyone will still relate. The one thing you don’t know about is what happens after that because in real life, the protagonist live an unhappy life and that is going to be the case but in writing, you cannot end it there, there has to be a happy ending. Everyone needs a happy ending


How to write a story? Take a protagonist, a companion a few other characters, a situation, and end at a happy note.

Once there was a writer and he was writing a story when he met writer’s block. The trashed his book, tore the pages and threw his pen. The writer and his block, then they lived happily ever after.



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