The “Work” of Drama


When Will failed to deliver what was expected of him, Hope came in town. She too failed the town and the town had now been suffering from famine. There was no food, there was no water and there were a lot of diseases lurking in the town. There was no hope left.

But then a passerby came in. They called him “Work”. After two fails by trusting in Will and Hope no one wanted to trust Work and no one did. No one believed that Work could actually do something for them. It was like they had accepted their fate, there was no turning back from the famine.

Work, however, ignore all of the words he heard, all he did was tried to improve the state of the town. He started sowing seeds, he started watering the field and hauling water to town all by himself. If he had Will and Hope by his side it would have made it easier for him, but they weren’t. In fact, if he had anyone by his side it would have made it a lot easier for him.

But he didn’t stop. He continued on his journey all by himself. He did not stop. He did not give up. All he did was kept moving forward. After a few weeks, there were seedlings in the fields and there was water for everyone in the well. People were amused by what they saw. No one expected something like this would ever happen. Last time they saw something like this was a few years ago.

But still, no one knew exactly what happened. So they looked around to get a hint of it and saw Work, plowing the rest of the fields. Everyone saw him from a distance. Standing tall in the middle of the field with ripped muscle and broad shoulder. He looked much stronger than Will and Hope combined. He also did much more than both of them and that’s there.

So, seeing his actions everyone joined Work on his venture. Now everyone from the town was with Work. Will and Hope too. There was soon some great progress made in the town. There seemed to be greenery in fields again and water in wells again. There was enough for everyone once again.

All the shops that had closed down opened again. All the people that were about to die of hunger and were going insane were back to normalcy. The town started behaving like it used to be. There was hustling in the town and calls in the fields. Farmers were shooing away crows and shopkeepers shooed away cats. It was back again.

Because, this time, there was Will who showed everyone the path. There was Hope who kept everyone motivated and there was Work who told everyone what to do. But the whole point of hiring these people was to improve the town, but it just got back to normal. So how will the town improve? …to be continued.

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