There is something each one of us has, something that is so simple and yet is the solution to most of the problems in the world. Just a look at someone, just an interaction with something, someplace where you find a home or might be just a memory of someday and it does the trick.

It could be that special someone you need to have coffee with in the morning or meet once in a day. Someone you need to walk around holding hands with or listen to. Or might be watching a movie together. Doesn’t matter if you have to stop it halfway through or you keep it on and no one’s watching it, all that matters is being together.

It could be something, a game, a song, a book, a picture or a smell. It could be just a powder you need to smell every day. The first thing you do in the morning is you open the box, let that smell in. Let it overwhelm you and let yourself surrender in it. Your box of happy smells. Letting those old memories resurface, the days when you used to be happy.

It could be a cafe for all you know. Someplace where you find your home. Someplace where you went with someone a few years ago. Where you first held hands and she first fought with you to pay the bill. Where you first came to know that neither of you has been to an expensive cafe before and don’t know what any of those mean. But still somehow, order “Caramel Macchiato with Soy Milk” at the same time and then shout “jinx” together too. So you jinxed jinx and then end up paying for each other’s coffee even though you both ordered the same. That’s basically splitting the bill.

It could be the memory of that early morning coffee with them, it could be a memory of smelling the box when you are away, and it could be the memory of the cafe. Either way, you are thinking about coffee. Have some now, let them come in, let yourself lose. As writers, we write from memories, no wonder they ask,


Are you even a writer,

If you don’t have coffee?

P.S. Just showing my love to coffee, not a coffee sponsored post.



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