Never Overtake. Fly-by

It’s a race.


We all have been trying to get ahead of someone our entire lives. Someone at school scored more than you did and the next time around you want to do better. Today she ran 5 miles and you ran 4, you want to beat her next time. He’s earning 30 grand a month, you want to make more than him. She has a 1200 sq ft. apartment, you want a 1500.

In the rat-race we all have been trying to get ahead of someone else, being completely oblivious of what we actually want. At every red light we try to overtake the car ahead of us, but halting at the red light. Ahead of that car is not where we want to be. There’s more to the road than what’s ahead of that car.

Probably we overtake the everyone, one-by-one to get a better view of where we are headed. To see where the road is actually leading us. But then, what’s a head of that car? What do you do once you’ve ran those miles, earned that salary or got that apartment? There’s another car.

Now what? We wait for another traffic light to turn red to go ahead of it. We have been doing this our entire life, trying to get ahead of people. But is ahead of that car is where you want to be? Ahead of someone is not a goal it’s a race. Coming first is a goal. Coming second is a goal. Heck, even coming last is a goal and that’s where your want to be!

At the end of the road. At the start of where you want to be and at the end of reaching there. Overtaking is good but why do we do it one at time? If you could overtake one, you can overtake everyone, just stay in that lane. There’s no speed limit on roads of life. There are no speeding tickets. It’s just you and speed, it’s you and the toll lane that no one took, it’s you and the thrill of hanging between life and death.

There’s more to this world than to what’s ahead of that car. There’s someone where you want to be. Don’t do it one car at a time, do it one lane at a time. Don’t overtake someone because you want to be ahead of them, fly-by and be ahead of everyone, everyone else wants to be.


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