Power of Purpose – Book Review


I stumbled upon the Dorothy Felix’s Power of Purpose just by chance, and then I’ve read it multiple times within a day. Every page talked to me like she was sitting right beside me and told me all of this.

  • Title: Power of Purpose – Failure is not an option. Who said it’s over.
  • Author: Dorothy Felix
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Publication Date: July 16, 2017
  • Language: English
  • Print Length: 82 pages
  • Genre: Self-Help
  • ASIN: B073Z8TR2V
  • My Rating: 3

The Power of Purpose is Self-Help at the Core

The Power of Purpose is a self-help at the core. It tells the readers ways to get over their past experiences of failure or teasing or being pulled down and move up in life. It gives the readers ways in which they can do that in really practical ways. taking help from her past experience and under the spell of God, Dorothy has given the world a way to become the best versions of themselves.

Dorothy has used quotes from The Bible and mentions Jesus and God a lot of times in the book. That does make it a little repetitive but concludes the sequence of events within lines. “A woman is like a teabag, you don’t know how strong she is until she’s in hot water” is a line from her preface and then I read it all the way to the last page without stopping

It’s not just a Narration

Most Self-help books tend to get monotonous with the same things repeating over and over. Dorothy has tried to go around it and has added some really amazing scenes from her life. She took the help of bible to get it done. But, she just didn’t use the Bible to get credit, but for giving a really deep meaning to it.

She quotes her mom on events where her words seem to summaries your entire life. The way she gets into your mind by bringing in all of past experiences in your life is terrifying. But then, she makes you feel that you have been making a fool out of yourself worrying about this form so long.

Dorothy Felix has Nailed it with Power of Purpose

This could be one of the best books of Dorothy so far. The book first tells you to have a purpose in life. Most people fail to have this because of ugly experiences. “People fell useless in life”, the author quotes. Then she makes you feel that you are pinning you down with your experiences and then she brings you out of it. “You will be what you think of yourself”, her mother used to say.

Then she tells you to have a mission in your life and work on it. See what you want to be, where you want to be, and when. See yourself before you even think of giving up and then accomplish what you have set out for. The book keeps you pushing to your limits and by every page you want to keep reading further. Neither do you want to put the book down and nor do you want to sit with your hands folded.

She pushes to go out and face the cruel world and make something of yourself. If you seek motivation and support this is what you want to read.

I Loved the Read

The way she takes you back into situations and brings you out of it is what makes me talks so highly about the book. The author also talks in quite a detail about people talking about you. She doesn’t suggest you to turn a deaf ear to them. Instead, she tells you to change your life style if no one is talking about you. Why?

This is what drives the book, your “whys” to her thoughts and prospective. She could foresee the reader asking a question here, rather she puts in that question in your mind and answers it.


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