The “Will” of Drama

Everyone in life is pretending. Adults pretend they know everything, kids pretend to be adults. Toppers pretend they know nothing, average pretend to know more than they do, failures pretend to score more. Bikers pretend to be rich, drivers pretend that fuel prices don’t hurt them. But, everyone here, pretends to be happy.

Everyone does what they do to seem happy than they are. To incline towards situations they want to be in. To feel that things that never happened did and situations that won’t occur will. But then there are few who pretend a lot. Their whole life is a lie to people, in hopes to get in everyone’s eye. I know a guy of this sort, we called him the Pretentious Will.


Will was the true wannabe in the best of its senses. He always wanted to be something. When he was a child he wanted to be famous and found out ways to be famous. He had no brains of his own but followed what was trending and wanted to be the best at it. If everyone around his was collecting bottle caps, he would too. If he doesn’t drink soda, he would and collect the caps. When he couldn’t get enough he said he lost them.

When everyone around him was joining gym, he would too. When he couldn’t get bulked, he would tell everyone that he used to have a great bulk but then he suffered from cancer and lost all his bulk. When he joined college, everyone loved guitarists, so he learned how to play one. When he couldn’t learn well he said he got his hand fractured a month back.

Will was one of those people who pretend to know everybody. Who pretended to be polite with everybody. And to Will’s delight he was getting famous, he was becoming what he wanted to be.

Everyone started loving him because he pretended to be cool. In any situation he would say don’t worry, someone he didn’t really know, will fix it for him. Everyone wanted to be around Will. Everyone loved Will. Everyone followed Will to the cliff blindly. Because he said he knew the way to the other side. In the truest of its sense, it had become “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

But, one day, Will had a reality check.

Years back, Will was hired to grow food crops. Because of his strong determination and contacts rather false contacts for irrigation, machinery and seeds, he was hired, but he knew nothing about it. He was paid well but never gave results.

He was hired to write because of his degrees, rather fake degrees from Cornell, Stanford and Harvard. Well, he never knew anything beyond the alphabet “B”. Because he was a “WannaB”. He was hired to make electronics, but he had never held a wire.

He was hired for time management course teaching, because he could do 4 jobs at the same time and still earn pretty well. But, well only Will knew how much hard-work he was putting in.

Over the past so many years, everyone kept Will with them. Everyone knew, who is Will. They believed so much in Will that they never worked. They thought as long as they have “Will” to do it, it will happen. But here’s what happened, no one did anything. Everyone believed in “Will”, the one over-achiever who had achieved the new levels of dreaming and nothing Else.

So, one day everyone’s favourite, Will was shattered… to be continued.


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