Sadly, I’ve seen this and have been an active part of it too. Rather you could say I was the one who suggested that. That kid had been suffering from it from the past 5 years. How could you see someone suffer for so long? And that too a kid?

Poor soul. His malady had taken a toll on him. We thought we could save him at the beginning but his mental health kept on getting worse. He used to lock himself up in the room and won’t come out for days. We had to bait him out, else he would have starved himself to death.

He wanted to be a photographer. A camera was his favorite toy. He had one with green color, the fluorescent one, that has picture rolling in the lens?


Yes, that’s the one. He hopped around the entire day pretending to click picture of everything he saw. If it were a real camera he would have had thousands of pictures of me and millions of all the things you see. Stars, galaxies, flowers, birds, animals, street, cars, lamps even garbage. He captured everything.

Only that he never knew what color his camera was. In fact, he didn’t even know what he was clicking. Or rather he knew and no one else did because all we could see were walls. A purple wall behind the couch, the one in the image, that’s it. A white wall facing the purple and 2 blues completing the room.

That’s all we saw, but probably his imagination had no bounds. We had to tie him down someday. We had to take away his camera and show him how the real-world works. You can’t just click pictures of walls and pretend they are objects, you can’t make a living out of wall photography.

So, one day I took him to the nearest center that I knew and talked to the person in charge there. They said they’ll handle it and I don’t need to worry about it. No blood on my hands, I’m clean. So, I left him there and walked out.

He cried, he howled I didn’t turn back. I was crying too. It has been 17 years since. They call the center school now. They euthanized the dreams perfectly. He works exactly like a human should. Several hours a day, no complaints and no emotions whatsoever. There have been no signs of revival, he’s educated, has a good job and gets heavy cheques. We haven’t seen his camera ever since.

But, I still think he holds his green camera once or twice in a week when he comes back home at night. Probably, he wonders ‘what is it?’ and keeps it down. Nothing to worry about.

Euthanasia – The painless killing of someone who is suffering from an incurable disease.

Well, at least that’s what dictionary says.


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