I miss Jerry

I have been very fond of races ever since I was a child. I wanted everything to go fast. Faster than it could and fast enough to spin around the world and tangent into the space. Just line a coin slips from the end of the spinning thread?  I loved races especially the ones I could interfere with because then I could cheat to make my favorites win.


Whenever it rained I used to stare at the drop on the window for hour. No one let me out after my sinus incident. So, I used to pick up one drop declare it as my favorite to everyone at home and then name it as it rolled down. Now, “Jerry” is my favorite drop and no other drop should reach the bottom before it does because Jerry has a race to win! I would tap at the window under every other drop to slow it down. It broke my heart when Jerry didn’t win. I used to say that it’s not fair, Thomas had a head start.

And all the way down I wanted Jerry to win but when it did reach the bottom it disappeared. It died? Without waving me a goodbye? All the way down I wanted Jerry to come first, but when it did come first I was sad that all others are still alive and Jerry isn’t. After a few minutes there was another Jerry rolling down but it isn’t the same. The previous Jerry was faster and more polite and shy and funny. It isn’t the same anymore.

Today, I miss Jerry, not for all his achievements and victories down the window, but for the drop he was. Unlike, everyone in this world trying to race up the ladder, Jerry wanted to be close to earth. As close as he could be. Not that he was afraid of heights, no, no. In fact had gone to be the highest man on earth and then he hopped down. He said it was too lonely up there. Cold too. He won a few more races before he said his goodbye to the world.

I miss Jerry not for his races but for the man he was.


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