10 Reasons Why the Check Engine Light is On

If life had check engine light just like our cars did probably we won’t have problems or that might increase our problems. I don’t exactly know but it does sound interesting.


1. You just started the car

Just like you need somewhere between another minute to another day to get to your senses and get off the bed when you wake up.

It’s going to happen every time you start something new. Problems and unhealthy people are always going to be there. All that counts is whether you drive or stay in the parking lot.

2. The LED isn’t Responding

Sometimes there isn’t actually a problem. But your brain, the overthinking machine tells you there is. You could try to fix an nonexistent problem and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Being double sure about stuff is good as long as it doesn’t stop you from moving ahead. Once you realise the problem won’t solve, you better ignore the thinking idiot.

3. The light felt ignored and is seeking attention

You could be at your highest point in your life. You just cracked a deal and now you don’t even have enough time for yourself but there would still be someone who doesn’t want you to stop partying with them. Now it depends on you, how do you feed its attention hunger.

4. Your 3 year old toddler needs food

Even though you have aged physically and mentally there’s always a part of you who is a complete idiot. This one person inside you is never going to let you breath free air saying they’re going charge you later for it or would email you a bill.

The more free you are the more hungry you think you are. And all your toddler needs is Food for thought

6. There was an error and it miss counted miles.

Mistakes are a part of our life. There isn’t going to be a day where you didn’t make a single mistake. Most of these could be fixed but then there are some mistakes you can’t really do anything about or they need time.

Bring in a screwdriver and fix the gauge or wait for it to fix it itself instead of focusing on the blipping LED.

Seven. You weren’t consistent.

Now I don’t want to start this by saying ‘consistency is the key’, but well I said it already. Though we don’t want to do same things over and over and at a slow rate, but sometimes slow acceleration and slow braking is what your car could do, unless you want frequent break downs. Changing the hands on steering wheels is going to kill your engine too. It’s you who needs to drive all the way, no matter how long it takes and how slow the ride is. Some idiot once said,

“If you do something for long enough you are eventually going to learn how to do it and people will love what you do. And if you don’t learn, people will lower their standards and love you eventually.”

8. It’s a Metaphor

Sometimes things don’t actually exist, we only believe they do. Or we believe something that exists is something we wished never existed. What you see is not actually a problem, you only think it is. The check engine light isn’t actually on, the bright glow of parking lights is making you think it is on.

9. The Engine started aging

When the engine starts aging, it’s going to need more services, obviously. But sometimes an older car is more attractive to mice and you know what mice can do. But here’s the thing, once the car starts aging more people start falling in love with that model or the mileage it has. So this love factor, is always going to make the mice factor look like a breadcrumb to the turkey sandwich.

10. You actually need to check the engine.

And well, life sometimes does mess you up.


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