Stay Weird #2

A Photographer and A Writer

An Artist and An Entrepreneur

Mugged up Numbers

To pass the Semester

Clicked from an Aircraft over Honk Kong

You won’t ever understand what road will take you where, until you have tried them all.

It doesn’t matter if you take up engineering even if you don’t want to do it. It doesn’t matter if your folks didn’t let you pursue drawing or photography or bike riding or maybe cooking. It doesn’t really matter if you prefer coffee over tea or tea over coffee. The point is, everyone likes chocolate. Well, maybe that’s not what I meant here.

The point is you could go to New York via London or via Los Angeles. I mean it doesn’t really matter what you can do and what you cannot do, what really matter is what you really want to do. I’ve seen MBAs giving out on their high paying jobs to get a chance at wild life photography. I’ve seen engineers turn into bikers and doctor becoming novelists. I’ve seen lawyers become entrepreneurs and CA who wish to be lawyers.

Every mind on this planet has gone haywire, it doesn’t really matter what you think or anyone thinks about it, all that matter is you.

I’d always wonder, what is it is like to talk to wind? Is it actually a thing or just a phrase? I realized what people meant when I became a biker. Everyone around me could pull a wheelie. Everyone could do stoppies and one-handers and other crazy stuff. I’ve always been a “Two wheel down” guy, with helmets, gloves, jackets and shoes even on smaller and slower bikes. When there are biker rallies they couldn’t keep up, because all of them are afraid of speed. Now why are you even bikers?

I was called girl because I never lifted weights for a year after I got into fitness. I did calisthenics. I never had fruit juices because of their higher sugar contents while everyone had them saying it’s the fittest drink. A year and a half later from then, while all of them consider themselves as intermediates, I’m still a beginner at weight lifting, but I’m more familiar with muscles and postures. While most have them haven’t reached the 100 lbs on dead lifts or are still waiting touch the rods for the first time, I’m dead lifting 250 lbs. Besides that, I could do muscle ups and flag poles.

Approaches don’t matter, all that count is the goal, the place where you want to be. All that matters is yourself and what you are over what you want to be. It doesn’t matter what who didn’t let be you what you want to be, you could still turn things around, if you could make yourself want it bad.

Results don’t matter, effort does,

Destinations don’t matter, the journey does,

Life doesn’t need to mean something at the end,

Only that, it should be worth it.


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