Be my Penguin

It’s a love story when people fall in love

But it’s a fairy tale, when they stay.


There’s a difference in what a heart has to say, and what the tongue says. In these differences we lose the important ones. These difference are what create distances.

I’ve never told anyone to stay forever or promised someone a “forever” because they don’t exist. Forever means for ever and always but everyone dies, there won’t ever be forever.

But here’s a thing, Penguins have their own forever. Once a penguin falls in love with a mate, they stay together till death and that’s what my forever sounds like, “till death.”

And also, I don’t believe in buying you a drink at the bar, I probably won’t even take you out for coffee, but if you see someone staring at your from a remote corner of a bookstore and then if you have a already paid for book waiting for you at the table when you checkout. Then that would probably be me and that should be a trend.

Many don’t intend to be an hour, day, month or a year long fling. I’m a Leo but I don’t intend to be a lion with four lionesses. Many don’t intend to be chameleon changing colours forever.

Find more of a zebra, black and & white, never gray. Find more of a sparrow, flying through everywhere but coming back to nest every night. Find more of a Penguin that would stout walk with you to the end of the road.

And one day when get down on one knee ask, “Will you be my Penguin?”, instead.

“She’s your Lobster… you could see old lobsters walking in tank holding claws.”

-Phoebe Buffay