The word sounds too good to be true and probably it is.

If it weren’t for fairy tales we would have never heard forever let alone what it meant. If it wasn’t for the human desire to keep the things like they are, and wish they will always be, we wouldn’t have the word itself. If we were more open to change and accept life is all about change we wouldn’t have forever.

Or probably we have been using the word a bit too wrong to actually understand its true purpose?

Probably forever was only meant for materialistic things like a mansions and money and not people because people go but mansions stay. They need repairs but they stay now, don’t they? Probably not with you but they stay.

But house don’t stay like they were always, now do they? They change colours, taps, people. Now that’s not forever or is it? They are demolished too.

I guess forever is then just meant to be a lie or is it?

So, we all have been lying to each other from centuries. Probably it was the liars way out. Or it was used to hurt people severely in the long run. Or maybe it was the only way where you could lie in the court after swearing?

Probably forever so are like this autumn leaf, beautiful yet dying.

Or may be it was never meant to be said, just felt.

Even though forever may seem to not last for ever the situations, people and lives don’t seem to have a forever, forever exist in commitments, feelings, and memories.Though you lie to the world, when you say something to yourself, it lasts. Though the one who promised you forever today, may not be there tomorrow, but years later when you see them passing by, it’s going to send a tingles down your spine. Though you could count minutes on finger tips, and moments end, every time you pass by that ice-cream shop, you could smell through time. The said ‘forever’s may not last for ever, but the unsaid ones do.


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