Long Distances 

Walks, rides, drives, jet lags, travels – everything takes us far from the people we know, from the places we know, from the ‘me’ we all know. Sometimes, we return in a few minutes, a few hours or by the evening. Sometimes it takes a few days or at most a few weeks and we already feel homesick. 

But sometimes, there’s no coming back.

We all make choices, choices that we are unaware of or completely aware of, choices that reflect immediately, choices that reflect after years, choices we know the outcome of and choices we don’t understand. We make choices. We turn left or right. We brake or accelerate. We say it out or keep it bottled in. And sometimes, there are no choices at choosing between choices we have. There is one choice that is impossible. Other one doesn’t make sense. One sounds like leaving everything you have to get a chance at getting something you want. Leaving your entire career and the bright future that follows to meet your girlfriend’s dad and getting married only sounds like a choice. The other one having no contact for a few months while you build yourself and then get married to your girl is the one that sounds more practical. But do we understand our choices completely? It’s like a menu in an expensive restaurant. We get what sounds good, even though we don’t understand what we ordered. Or a post midnight restaurant where there’s a lot on the menu but only a few dishes are available.

It wasn’t a no contact. It was a break up. There was never going to be a come back. It was a one way passage. You only thought things would go your way without even saying out what your way was. Well, congratulations keeping your word bottled in. You passed with flying colours, now didn’t you? And now that you realised it wasn’t your career that you wanted. It was the car with loud pipes. It was the big mansion with that bathtub and chandelier. It was the swimming pool and the lawn. You can still have it all. But she won’t be sitting in the car with your or standing under that chandelier or in your empty lawn. The one person you wanted to share all of this with is gone.

And now you have been trying to get back with her and it isn’t going so well. And probably you already know you won’t get back or probably you know how to get back with them only that you are afraid to take that path. Or you don’t have faith in your path. Remember a path is a path and there is no wrong in running after the things you want. Yes, you would fumble; yes, you’ll fail and yes, you’ll want to give but just remember life is too long and as long as you don’t die, there are infinite retries only the path every time needs to be different. The force will be with you. Just believe. See yourself where you want to be and imagine what would you do when you are there. And hey! That’s “The Secret”.

Don’t regret because you didn’t get the results you expected. 

Take pride because you tried.

Sometimes people don’t have choices over the long distances. Sometimes they never chose those long distances but distances came in from the choice they made a few years back. Sometimes, the other choice sounded impractical. And sometimes, they never understood what a choice meant. 


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