Don’t we all feel the same way? And that’s the problem.

We wait. We wait for things that are never going to happen and they won’t happen because all we are doing about it is wait. Nothing happens at its own. Without you working for it.

Can’t we just stop complaining about the long wait and work for it. Your Lamborghini isn’t going to come and park itself in the garage if you keep the gate open and wait for it to come. You might get stolen instead. Yes, your dreams just got shattered, I know, you just faced a harsh new reality. Even I thought it would come and park and roar and… *weeps* it doesn’t happen though, trust me on that, I’ve been waiting for nearly 20 years now.

It’s okay to feel like you are waiting for things that aren’t going to happen,

It’s not, when you don’t do anything about it.

Blah blah blah… he doesn’t know my problem. How could I even control it!

There are problems you have no control over. There are situations where you can’t do anything. At times, we are helpless. But there is one thing we can do about it. Choose. You could wait endlessly sitting on a bench in your problem’s lawn while it fixes itself. Or you could step out of the gate.

Choose to step out. I’m not telling you to forget about it. I’m not telling you to stop thinking that things are going to be fine. I’m telling you to make these thoughts secondary. I’m telling you to take charge. Don’t be on your problem’s leash, take control.

Being afraid that things aren’t going to be fine is one thing. Not doing anything because of that fear is another. It’s okay to be afraid to cross the road. It’s not when your fear would keep you away from your destination.

Sometimes you can’t do anything about your worries,

Other times, your worries don’t let you do anything.