Loss of Someone

“The worst thing a heart has to do,

Is to grieve upon the loss of someone,

Who isn’t dead.”


Photo from Sunain Singh Banga (FiBo) (1).jpg

Our entire lives, we live in denial. First in denial that we have developed a strong feeling for someone. In denial that we might be prefect for them. In denial that this could work. In denial that we aren’t afraid. In denial of our happiness, of courage, of roads we want to run, of mountains we want to climb, of people we want to meet. In denial about denying.

We live in denial that our partners don’t love us. We live in denial that they might be cheating on us. We just could not accept what the world has to say about them. What do we do? We stay. Because we are too attached to leave. Even though we are hurt, we stay, just because being away from them will hurt more. You don’t know that. You haven’t tried that.

After all this, when our partners leave, we live in denial that we have lost them. We grieve, cry, talk to the moon, to the stars and tell them to get us back together. It could have been of more help, talking to a person. But we won’t, because we are just too afraid to hear what we don’t want to. Move on. Losing someone isn’t easy, break ups aren’t easy, life isn’t easy. Wishes aren’t meant to come true. But yes, love stories are immortal, because immortals never end, they never complete.

Miracles don’t happen easy. Cinderella lived a life in attic before she met her fairy go mother. The prince fought with a dragon to get to his sleeping beauty. The princess kissed a frog to meet her prince charming. We have to fight to meet our own miracles, and don’t worry, if you don’t meet a miracle work harder to create one. You might fall on your way up, you might fumble, you might slip off a cliff, but the view up hill is going to be amazing

At times, we just wish things didn’t happen to us the way they did. More than the loss of the special one, we are crying over the expectations that didn’t meet. We are crying that our future home, future cars, future trips and sunsets are now just a dream. We won’t be having that grand marriage at the beach under moon-light. We won’t be naming our kids “Ananya & Aahaan”, we won’t be having those long bike rides and probably, we won’t be hugging someone ever again.

Self-confidence is contagious and so is self-loathing. Life is too long to worry about things that won’t matter after 5 years. If you think they would, give it five years. And life is too short to worry tomorrow, to live in the past and miss the present. Heck it is too short to safely eject your storage device. Yes, I know it hurts to be an old school romantic. To promise yourself one love for one life. I know it’s a world of hook ups and it’s a special kind of hell. But, hey, it’s all going to be fine, because you are the hero of your movie, and a movie isn’t over, until it’s a “happy-ending”.