Bad Relationships,

Change good people.

Photo from Sunain Singh Banga (FiBo).jpg

We are caged in relationships we don’t want to be in. We see the sun, we all do, but we are just too afraid to step out, we are afraid to be single, to know what it is like to be out there again because we all got too dependent and are afraid to lose what we have even if it means endless tears.

We aren’t attached, we are hooked. We don’t love anymore, we just attract, lust and attach. We aren’t glued. We aren’t stapled. We aren’t holding hands. We are hooked. Hooked in the moment, in the heat of the new relationship, in the bliss of knowing someone new. In the clubs, in the bars, over the lunches and the dinners, over the music and the dance, we are hooked in the movies and the shows, and in the summer and snow.

We aren’t attached, we are hooked. We think we love our partners, we know everything about them. But, knowing their favorite color, isn’t love. Remembering their phone numbers, isn’t love. Knowing how tiring their day was at work, isn’t love. We know what chocolates they love, we know what cars they like, we know in what restaurants they dine, we know what music they like, we know what shows they watch, we know everything about them. Really?

We aren’t attached, we are hooked. We know what movies they like, but we don’t know the places they go to, to cry, to weep, when they don’t want to talk to anyone, the place where they cherish their solitude, why aren’t we their solitude? Aren’t we two bodies with one soul? We don’t know that one book they have read over and over and over just to get to the one specific part, to reach there right from the build-up and then just cry or hop at it, even if we do know that book, we don’t know why they read it so many times. We know they are bikers, gamers, writers, readers, travelers, gym-bros, photographers, actors, singers, artist we know them! But, we don’t know the one moment, they had chills running down their spine and this; became and addiction. We don’t know what made them that.

We aren’t attached, we are hooked. It rips the soul to be torn away from someone it is bonded to, it is attached to. You lose a part of your soul when you are ripped away from someone you love. It kills you from the inside. But we aren’t attached, are we? We are hooked. Pull the two ends closer, that’s where all of us want to be, the closest, next slip the loop through the open end, and there you go. Two complete souls, two independent bodies, living their lives to the fullest. Nothing ever happened.

“Hey, so this was fun, we should do it again.”

We aren’t glued, we aren’t stapled

We aren’t attached, we are hooked.