Call me, Maybe?

“I know you have to talk a lot more and I want to listen to it, but aren’t you getting late?” I shrugged. I wish I never said that, we were meeting after years and I knew I wasn’t going to meet her anytime soon again but this was something I always did. You don’t lose habits.

“I wish I wasn’t but I am. How long do you think it takes from 127th to 3rd?” A asked.

“Nothing more than 40 minutes.”

“I came back on a tram, not this.” She said pointing at her scooter.

“I considered that already.”

“When did I come here again?” She said staring at her watch.

“It’s been an hour” I said and she stared at me. “You came here at 5.” I continued.

“I’m late, right?”

“Yep.” I said biting my lower lip. Hating the thought that I bought it up.

“Okay, then. Thank you for coming here at just one call, I’m sorry and I owe you one for this. All the history and now this–”

“Hey, it’s okay, we are cool. I had to come. But, if you do owe me, then call me again, maybe?” Why does she have to look at me like that? can’t she take her gaze away! I didn’t want to say maybe! Five years and she still manipulates me with just a gaze?


“If you owe me, call me, maybe?” Why? I said look away! I didn’t say it but get a hint. I don’t want to say maybe.

“I could call you only if I owe you?”

“Both of us know you aren’t going to call again. I’m just trying my luck here.” I said and bit my tongue. She smiled.

“You still bite your tongue.” She said and rode away.

“She remembers?”