Stay Weird

A freak shake at D:OH All Day Dining

We all want to be Chocolate,

I’m just glad Blueberry never said that,

I hate the “Backspace”

Before technology, feelings never had that.

More often then not, all of us change or try to change to blend into a group, a society, a community or a bunch of people that are “cool” at the school. All of us want approval. We want to be a part of something that catches attention. We want to be known for something, even if we don’t want to do it! Basically, we want people to know us for who we are not? Why? If the above drink was chocolaty, it wouldn’t have caught your eye.

Everyone wants, attention, everyone wants to be famous. You could be great at cat’s cradle but you are just afraid that you are a guy and it would turn out to be a little girly sport for you. Or you love riding bikes but isn’t that too manly? Nothing is gender specific!

Let’s be honest for a minute here. I did that too. I tried playing football and cricket because that’s what every guy does, right? I played basketball for a year. I never enjoyed it, I wasn’t good at it either. I tried blending in the “manly” groups. I did succeed, at the cost of tiring myself and being late for science classes I never wanted to miss a minute of. I had a crush in the classes, but that’s secondary! I love science too.

I tried nitpicking and calling names. I tried back answering everyone because that’s what teenagers do, right? I did it, at the cost of my own sanity. That’s not me. I would rather stay shut, let them talk and when they are done, nod and walk away. I cannot nitpick, would rather extend a hand if you fall down instead of laughing at you. Yes, I laugh at your actions, but not at you. i know you are smart, but sometimes we all act stupid and that’s humor.

I was nitpicked for writing poetry, in my school. It was a boy’s school. I was called lazy because I loved reading books, playing video games and staying indoors. When everyone played football, I would be sitting by the far end of the ground writing poetry about it. Or long passages. Or I would just talk to myself for hours about about what I could write about it and how I should write and what I shouldn’t. when everyone was playing cricket in the evening, I would sit at home and wonder if the protagonist is ever going to meet the love of his life. When everyone went out partying. I would sit at home and pull out jello-shots for the heads of bots.

Years, later today, when I met those cool-school-group, all of them have a belly. The already fat are now heavily over-weighted, the skinny got skinnier and the healthy got beer bellies. Me? I’ve always been a fitness freak. Right from the last year of school, none of them has touched any sport. Me? I’m a published author. I’m selling on Amazon locally and internationally.

It doesn’t matter what people say, there are always going to be naysayers. It’s our choice to not to hear to them. People around you might be succeeding right now, they might me making millions and some might be running companies already when you don’t even have a job. Some might have got married and settled with their idle mate, while you are still heart broke from the break up you had 3 years ago. It’s okay, everyone has a clock, we run with our speeds and our references. No one is going fast, no one is going slow. Everyone has a different race.

If anyone ever tell you, you cannot be anything, just remember we are all made up of star-dust. You are amazing. Just stay what you are. All of us don’t have to be same, none of us are same. We could be red and orange, we could be yellow and orange or we could be white-white in a few aspects. But we are green and purple as humans. No two colors are similar. Stay magenta, don’t try to be pink.

Stay Unique, Stay Weird.

Stay Yourself