One Thing

We will be in arms,

“In each other’s heart!”

We will be in countries,

“A thousand Miles apart?!”

We will be thin,

“We will be small,”

We will be thick,

“We will be tall,”

But I’ll always be there,

For you, “writing!”

If you could Promise,

Just one thing.


We will walk,

And someday,

We might not talk,

“We will fight,

We will cry,”

We will laugh,

“But we’ll never lie,”

But I’ll always be there,

“Hanging on my Sling”

If you could Promise,

Just one thing.

We will sit,

“Under the moon,”

Talking about,

“The monsoon?”

We will tan,

Under the sun,

“At the beach,”

We will run!

But I’ll be there,

“We are never-ending,”

If you could promise,

Just one thing.

“I’ll promise.”

You shout,

I’m scared,

Hiding behind tree-stout!

“What you want,

Me to promise?”

You already know,

You already saw miss,

“And you’ll be there?

Slipping in that ring?

If I could promise,

That one thing.”

Are you sure?

Could you do it?

“Anything Monsieur,

Come on Shoot it!”

I hold your hands,

I kiss your head,

Looked into your eyes,

And then I said,

I’ll be there,

Now and ever,

If you could promise me,



She thought long and then said,

“I do”,

You do?

“I Do!”