Growing up

If everything was as easy as crying for it,

If relationships never took any effort,

If happiness was not found materialistically

Yes, if growing up was an option.

I was walking down a lane when I saw a kid running after something or someone even though his grandma was right beside him.

IMG_20170521_195501 (1).jpg
Those white dots, are pigeon poop.

A few days back, I went for an evening walk in and around the calmest place in the city. I never do walks. I prefer gym, but on that day my gym was closed, for some stupid reason that I’m still not aware of, but I had to do some activity. I was suffering from severe cramps in my legs because of the heavy workout on the day prior and it was just my body demanding exercise. So, I wore my tracks, I was already wearing track pants, so I changed from track pants to track pants. Those are my night wear tracks, I cannot wear them outside! I wore my running shoes on, plugged in my earphones and started walking.

I walked through the busy streets to where I wanted to be when my phone’s battery died out. I should have charged it, instead of that last online battle. Foolish me. Anyways, I pulled them out and continued walking until I heard a loud scream, what sounded to be of a 5-year-old. I turned my gaze to see a kid running to his grandma, she kept him telling him, if he runs faster he would catch up with his mom. The kid ran to where his mom and grandma stood, with all his might and when he reached there his mom wasn’t there, she had walked a little further. Now, again his grandma told him the same thing, but instead of running the kid started crying and his mom came back to him after touching the wall at the extreme end. She basically completed her round before coming back to him.

Now, that I think of the entire incident, we are all like that kid, just that we don’t cry, anymore. We all have our goals. Whatever it might be, but that’s what you want to have in your life. A shiny sport car, a super sport bike, a house, a mansion, a promotion, a job, a lost partner, a new partner, or an expectation to be met in the present relationship. We run towards it with all our might and when we reach there, we need a little more. Instead of chasing the mom, we could aim for the wall. The wall isn’t going anywhere and mom would have been so proud if you touched the wall instead of breaking down in the middle of nowhere.

We are more lost in the temporary gains than the long-term benefits. We want to meet our partner today, they are not in a good mood and it was obvious, but they had promised, so they have to. Yes, of course, you dressed up and might have surprises planned but let go for the day, meet tomorrow, or go meet them at their place, or pick them up from the office and drop them home. You don’t need to go for dinner, you could have a pizza and a bucket of ice-cream while the two of you watch a movie snuggling up in your pajamas or just plan something amazing for tomorrow, moments count, dinner and places don’t.

Instead of spending an hour in front of the mirror, applying everything from eye-liner to eye shadows and foundations to blushes and choosing between a variety of clothing spend an hour at the gym. You will look gorgeous until you don’t sweat, and then the artificial beauty will start dripping out. Instead, of being afraid of sweat, sweat at the gym, the process will be longer than a few hours, but it would be worth it. After a point, you won’t need make up to look amazing, you already don’t you are amazing. I’m not excluding guys, we too take a long time matching up pants and shirts.

And you know, the kid knew that if he cries, his mom would come back, but he missed out on a few 100 meters of this blissful place. Never mind, he got his mom and so would we one day, but guess what he left out.

No matter where you stand, no matter where you are, always remember, you have reached to your grandma. She’s there. You don’t need to cry. You were far off but now you are somewhere. You already have a lot, you have already made it to a place a lot better than where you were, and that is what kept and will keep boosting us towards our goals, to where we wasn’t to be, never ignore it.

If you think you don’t have anything worth living for or you are wasting your life or you are good for nothing, remember to look to your right and look up at that smiling face that is just glad to see you running. She has seen you in days where you struggled to stand up. She has seen your wobbly walk. But now, here you are, running after your dreams.

Take a minute out, and help someone. Support my movement make her listen.