You are… Stardust!

Sometimes it hard to believe in yourself,

Sometimes you might feel our worthless,

Sometimes all you need is someone,

But, sometimes all you need to do,

is remember your worth.


You are going good, you are living your life, you have finally moved on to being someone after years of pain, agony and nights of crying to the moon. After years of wishing that the events that made you go from the class topper, from a happy-go-lucky person, from someone who would throw smiles at everyone, to someone who drops out of studying, to someone who no longer believes in luck, to someone who would be raged at all points and has not seen any face in a very long time; never happened. Your toe tips and worn out shoes were all you were seeing for years.

Finally, after years you are not going good. You are a blogger, a writer, an actor, an engineering student, an engineer might be, have started earning, or have excelled in the field you wanted to be in and already have what you dreamt of having 10 years from now. You are the best possible version of yourself. But, let’s say your past haunts you again. Let’s say your ex unblocks you, the mistake you made years ago when you were at school revives, the guy you punched in the face at the cinema turns up at your door. Like you popped a mint in the cola bottle and it erupted but now it’s calm. You are not frightened of it anymore and it is not erupting any longer but it stands right there.

So, your ex calls you one day crying over the phone and calls you to meet them. You don’t want to go, you know it could pull you back to where you were years ago, probably it could be a trap too. Of course, they are dating someone and they don’t owe you anything. But, they are crying, you can’t let someone cry, now could you? No matter how hard you have become over the years, you just can’t let it happen, so you go to meet them. They look as good as they were years ago and probably much better, even though they feel a little off and not handsome or gorgeous, you have an eye for the beauty. But, at the same time you can see the swollen eyes and dark circles they have from all the crying and sleepless nights. You walk up to talk to them but they just keep swinging between moods. Crying when they talk about their present partner, and laughing and smiling when they talk about you, themselves and the memories. They say they just broke up and needed a shoulder to cry on. You think now finally everything is going to be fine, and you could be friends again and finally there won’t be any hard feelings involved. But, what if all this was so that your ex could get back at their partner? What if you reach home have a message from their partner and realize the one for whom you left your task at hand, that was probably due tomorrow, went to meet them because, well, you are stupid, has blocked you again? Where does it leave you?

You need to remember one thing in life, no matter what happens today, no matter what would keep you awake for the entire next month, no matter what games someone plays on you, even though you were trying to be the savior, what really counts is what will last in the next five years. Remember Karma exist, you cried for them for years, they are crying in their new relationship. Yes, you didn’t wish for it, yes you cannot see them cry, but you never played them either. You are hurt, you are feeling low, you don’t want to talk to anyone right now, but your mom has been asking “What happened to my little child?”, and you have been shooing her away. Get up from that chair, look away from the screen and go and give her a hug right now. Even if this article doesn’t relate to you, even if she’s away, or far far away, get up and talk to her, or hug her, or remind her that you miss her, because she might not be there, but this will count in the next five years. Go, I’ll wait.

Are you back? Feeling better already? This is what a hug does to you. Don’t feel low, don’t feel that you are good for nothing, you are the best damn this world has, and is yet to see what potential you hold. Believe me when I say you are the star, you might think you are not a star practically or scientifically, but physically, you are. We are made from stuff stars are made of, we have the same elements and atoms the stars have; just in different proportions, but yes, you are made from star stuff. You are a star. Don’t be discouraged, don’t be frightened, don’t be the plastic base of the cake, you are the cherry. One of a kind, something everyone fights for.

Be the best version of yourself, somethings don’t count, and sometimes you have to pretend something didn’t happen at all. Remember, you are unique! You are stardust!


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