It Rained in Mumbai

It rained, here in Mumbai. and it is raining while I type this. It isn’t monsoon yet and it won’t be for another month, but it rained.

Mumbai Rains blog.jpg

The off season rains might be a little annoying but rains bring in so much. Besides, the traffic splattering mud on you, ruining your documents and electronic devices or it forcing you to cancel your sun bathing plans or leather associated fashion ideas, there is something too ecstatic about it to be overlooked. It takes me back in time, I’m hardly 20, but every year, every damn year I go back into the years I’ve spent in Mumbai rains, and they only make me wonder that could it be better this year? No, it can’t be I think, but this city never fails to surprise.

If not for rains and the way this city feeds my sweet-tooth, I would have moved out already. Every first rain take me back to the time when I was about 5 years old, and I was diagnosed with sinus. I swear it was not my fault. My mom said carrying an umbrella would help me not get sick in the rains this year, and then I could enjoy them more. So, I did. I carried an umbrella everyday. But only when I was diagnosed, I realized I have to open the umbrella every time it rains and keep myself from getting wet and also, not use it to push water off the polyethylene sheets on the sheds, onto me. How am I going to enjoy rains then?!

But, anyways, when I was diagnosed, I was told not to go to school, (yay me!) stay at home and not going into rains anymore (Why?! I’m fine! *does one push up* see!). In the next week, my head hurt continuously and then I got my skull scanned, maybe? That was it? Whatever it was, the results were bad. My infection was more severe than my mom and doctor uncle first thought. So, I asked my mom what happened and she said,

“Tere dimag me paani bhar gaya hai” (hindi)

“You have water traces in your brain”, and I went “Whoa! That’s cool!”. It was something else, my mom just said it in a way I would understand. I even have an x-ray of my brain, and it is big, believe me. Or it just might be zoomed in, but it seemed big though. So I went home and showed my brother the X-ray and told him just one thing, “You had been lying all these years, I have a brain!”, and everybody laughed. I was serious back then and I never understood why anybody laughed. But, now when I look back, in every rain drop, I see why they laughed and why my Mickey Mouse umbrella could never keep me from getting sick.

Summer rains and the post monsoon rains, are still my favorite parts, besides the mid-monsoon heavy rains and the monsoon rains, and pretty much the entire season, basically rains. Anyways, the off season rains are too special because they are unexpected and serendipitous.

“Rains bring in too much,

Scientifically, a million-billion-billion molecules of water,

Practically, infinite memories.”

Image Source: Self-clicked.