What hurts, and what doesn’t?

What do you count as not being together?

The few months of being away or the fact that you are never going to see them ever again?

Or that you choose to go away from each other but wish to be together?

Or is it being in arms but not in thoughts?

We see losses, we see changes, we see people going away, we see people coming into our lives, well, in this world the only thing that remains constant is change; and changes hurt. Most of us are not very happy with the idea of it altogether, neither am I. A favorite singer, sportsperson, actor, model, dancer, teacher, writer or someone who were the only reason you did something, getting retired, could be heart wrenching for us. The loss of relationships you hold with these people, with a person, with a friend, a relative, with a significant one could be the worst thing that could happen to any of us. As it is said,

Grieving upon the loss of someone who isn’t dead,

Is the worst thing a heart needs to do.

In all the thing we do in life, there are a few thing we wish, didn’t happen, we wish didn’t exist, we wish aren’t memories but just dreams. They hurt. It pains in reliving a memory you remember so well that you cannot even cheat it to be a dream. But sometimes, they are what make us.

For a moment let’s look back to what we were and then to what we are. Facebook memories might help on this. Changes are what make us. Until there isn’t a need for it, we don’t grow. Until there is no tearing, there is no rebuilding and without it, what are we? Even though we want the things to be like they were, and we want them to stay like that forever, it just cannot happen.

Growing form a five year old to a twenty year old, from a knocking engine to a super sport, from a crawler to a sprinter, and from a failed relationship to something that would last forever. Everything has changed and you are loving it, you’ll love this moment too, you’ll miss it, we just don’t see it right now, but I hope soon we would. I’m not saying things won’t get to where they were, you won’t ever be with the person you want to be, or with whom you were, it’s just that, things would not be like they were, they would be better.

If things repeated themselves, 

so would their ends. 

If universe stopped making ‘new’, 

there would never be an ‘old’. 

P.S. Why does a pin hurt and a bed of pins doesn’t, like seriously? Get back to me in the comments.

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