Excerpt #2

I told the twilight everything.
Where we met, where I first saw her, when did we first talk, the incidents that bought us close, the sand fights, her birthday party, the first time she heard me play, the first video, the first blind folded guitarist, my first gig, my first show and everything. Every event we had, except the moments you don’t share, and stay within the relationship. Between all these conversation, I could see her leaving her place in a black one-piece. It only made everything easier to say and difficult to not feel.

“You know, it’s been very long that I haven’t seen her nicely and I don’t know if I would see her soon, but you know right now, I just crave her presence, we could just be sitting her, not doing anything that would count. It could be completely silent, but I still know it would be magical. I don’t even know why I need her anymore, I don’t even know if I love her, I want to forget her but I know there’s no one in this entire world that could make me as happy as she does, and I don’t know what do I see in her, if you are going to ask. She’s so imperfect. Do you know she stammers? But she takes me to lands I’ve never been to. They are from out of this world, just like her. It’s been so long that I’ve known her and I still don’t know what I fell for? Her eyes or that face she makes and the way her lips move when she looks at me.” I chuckled. “It could be her angry red nose too.” I said my eyes following her movements as she walked with slow steps.

“So what now?” I heard the twilight ask, breaking the silence.

“I don’t know. We ignore each other, we walk past each other like we never sat the other, but deep down. I still skip a beat when I even hear her name. and I’m even afraid to meet her now, if she’s not like what she used to be, I don’t want those memories to change. She’s a drug, morphine, I know that I shouldn’t, but I want more.”

“Will you never meet her then?”

“I don’t know. She’s just a stranger now, a stranger with all my secrets.” I chuckled again. “Don’t ever fall in love, okay Moon? It’s a world of hookups, being an old school romantic sucks, falling in love sucks, and it only takes you to a special kind of hell, and do you know the hardest part?” I said and jumped onto the terrace from the platform. “Seeing her fall in love with someone else.” I said as I walked up to the railing, getting closer to her.
“Just go, alright, before she actually starts dating someone.” he said.

“I want to, but I can’t.” I said and took a deep breath.


“Because she already is.”


“You don’t want to know.”

“Then let her go, you don’t need her!”

“Just because it is hard, it doesn’t make me not need her. You don’t give up on people you love.”

“So, you’ll just sit here? Drinking beers?”

“I’ll wait. I know we are meant to be and things will eventually turn out. I told her, ‘I love you’. I didn’t say it for a very long time, even after I felt it, because I was afraid. But, when I said it, I meant it, and you could love only once, it doesn’t happen twice. I can’t see perfection in anyone else. I made a promise to her, I would never let us break. I couldn’t keep that, but well, I could try to at least keep a piece of that promise?”

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