A Dog Tale

You know I had this dog. Well, um, I didn’t own it, it was a stray dog, but I felt like I own it.

There was this thing about it, whenever it saw me enter my building or if I passed by it would bark at me. Always. I thought it barks at everyone so I tired to see over it from outside the gate a few times. It was nowhere to be seen even if the mailman passed by. I thought it has something to do with my odour so I thought it would bark at my family too, now they don’t have the same smell but it got similar but, well, it didn’t bark. I thought it was his thing with the people with briefcase, so I looked over at him when a man with a briefcase passed by. It came up, wagging it’s tail sniffed at the briefcase, probably smelling his lunch and then walked away. Nothing else, not even growling.

It barked only at me and soon it started to haunt me. Whenever I left for work or got back home or had to even go downstairs the first thought would always be, “It’s going to be there.” Finally, I gave up on wondering and agreed to the fact the it is always going to be there no matter what. I just got used to it barking. It became like the local train announcement for me. Even though I know what station it is, it just tells me. You just settle in.

One day, I got home from work and it didn’t bark. Well, I couldn’t care less. Another day passed and then another and I didn’t see it. On the fourth day, I started getting worried. Where is it? I searched for it, bought biscuits but didn’t see it anywhere. I asked the watchman, he said he never saw a dog like that. Where is my dog?

Now I wonder, if instead of passing by it everyday and shooing it away, if I had only stopped once and petted it, I would have know why it barks.

Does this happens with thoughts too? When they get old do they just die? Do the memories fade? Do they not haunt you anymore when you let go? Do you miss them? Do they come back? Just like the way I want my dog to come back. Even though they hurt right now they will someday become the best memories and probably you are going to wish they stay with you forever. Memories hurt but they are what make us, they are the cutest gift we have got.

Anyways, tell me if you see my dog, it is the cutest thing alive.

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