Is it Worth it?

We at one point have fought for things that we believed would make us happy.

We have believed that things that are not ours, will make us happy when they are.

We have fallen into battles that aren’t even ours, to become happy.

And when the storm settles, we ask ourselves was it worth it?

We bruise ourselves, we cut ourselves, we punish ourselves. Our wounds from the battle wouldn’t heal for years. They are going to stay, even if they heal there are going to be battle scars, a lot of them. I’m no warrior, but on second thought, aren’t we all? We fight through the day to get where we want to be, we think about it all the time and it sure does hurt. The pain at times isn’t bare-able. We think about the times when we would win and it is such a dream.

At start we could see the goal, it is right there, that glowing light, yes, that’s it! Years into battle, we are lost in a mine field.. The light disappeared and right now you don’t even know where you stand. You quit. Or sometime you don’t, you just fight long enough to become a light yourself. We mould ourselves, shape ourselves, make ourselves, we become the best versions of ourselves and when we reach our goals and break our shells get out of our cocoon; people say, you’ve changed a lot.

People we did everything for, people we wished would look up on us, people we wished would stay with us forever, end up saying you’ve changed a lot. As much as we love what we are, we hate ourselves for what we did. We fought with all our might to get something probably we din’t even want ourselves at first. Sometimes we believe it is only the tough path to get where we want to be, couldn’t the easy way be right? You know…

Before we start our fight,

Before we are even close to our goal,

Before people start asking it,

Before we regret and ask everyone,

Couldn’t we for once ask ourselves, 

Is it worth it?

P.S. You could have a bath for life, and still smell like fish. It’s not worth it. Start skipping baths today.

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