What is Love? It is… felt

It’s always been easier to stay shut than to talk.

It’s always been easier to talk than to do.

It’s always been easier to do than to feel.

Girl, Leaping, Rock, Girl Leaping Off Rock, Silhouette

I met a girl the other day and she said, “You know Ronak?”

I said, “Yes.”

“Have you seen him with how deeply he loves his girl? I want someone to love me like that.”

We wish things in our lives were the way they are in someone else’s, it’s because the lust we have for successful things. In a fast pacing world everyone likes to walk through shortcuts, and we are always searching for them, rather than trying to run on the actual path.

Love is not something where you go, Happy!!! Happy!! Happy! Happy. We fought. Sad! Sad!! Sad!!! We fought again. I don’t think it’s working, we need to break up. It’s about mending things that went wrong, it about understanding why something happened and about feeling the pain.

It probably isn’t about showing love actively, it’s about the little things you do for them and they don’t even know about. It’s like changing their favorite pen’s refill and never mentioning it. Believe me even though you think they don’t notice it, real love does.

It probably isn’t about going for movies, to dinner, or planning dates, to spend quality time. You could sit together for hours without saying a word and have quality time. You could be lazing around at home the entire day ad spend quality time.

It probably isn’t about going to clubs and getting high before you get on the dance floor, it is about looking into their eyes and getting high, before you share an earphone and dance on the street, you may not even need music.

It probably isn’t all about the moves you can do on EDM, it is like that heart felt dance on the dhol.

It probably is only about facing everything together and not just the happy part of the relationship before you split. It probably is all about making time from your 24-hour busy schedule, on days where you can’t catch enough sleep and looking at them once in the entire day. Or probably it is only about making that call before they go to sleep and asking how their day was.

I guess it’s not about flooding the social media with your pictures and talking smooth. Probably Ronak doesn’t love his girl, or probably he does, it just doesn’t show it in his eyes. However, I love the way she looks at them and I’m gonna let it stay.

P.S. All the characters are fictional and do not have anything to do with people of any caste, race, sex or tribe. Also, no animals were harmed during the making of this post.

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