What is grey?

A pigment? Between black and white?

Or a definition of dull, nondescript, or it’s just being faceless?

We live in world where everyone wants to be renowned and eminent or enclosed and unknown. No one wants to be a commoner; no one wants to be grey. It’s always black and white.

I live in a city, no one knows where I am, what I do, who am I? Sometimes, even I don’t. If I knock at my own door and shout, “Hey! It’s me!” then at the receiving end, I’m definitely going to ask, “Me who?”. We all have a definition, we have fixated answers to the questions everyone asks us.

“Who are you?”

“What do you do?”

“Where do you live?”

“What do you wish to be?”

We were taught these in the school, right? It was a 5 marks question! We had to mug it up, there was no way around. It was going to decide if I’m going to get an A+ or a B  , it was going to decide if I’m ever going to get into one of those Ivy League School, it was my entry pass to NASA, it was going to decide if I was ever going to touch the moon. Or was it? If it was then why did we never ask it to ourselves.

I’m in my room a 4-way closed wall surrounds me when I’m writing this, door locked, it post-midnight, I’m enclosed. I’m dark.

I got this idea when I was sitting with my bud at the beach, where the cold breeze hit my face. I’m bright

But it’s the 3rd time I’m writing it, to check for mistakes (there are many), because I love my readers and this is for them. I’m grey.

I either eat super-healthy foods, salad and boiled eggs and hit the gym or I’m stuffing pizzas in my mouth laying in my pajamas, there’s no in between, but I attended a friend’s marriage yesterday, and had curry rice, am I grey?

I’m either awake till sunrise, or wake with sunrise, but some days I have different schedules, am I grey?

I don’t wait at all, anywhere; or wait till it’s time, but I hurry when I’m late, am I grey?

I dress like a drug addict, or for a party, but I have pairs of jeans and casual T-shirts, am I grey?

I’m in the wild, or in this room, but I attend college, where I learned to right, am I grey?

I don’t meet people for days, or I’m out partying, but I reply to texts of people who need me, am I grey?

I read an entire bookshelf or entire syllabus in a day, or not a word, but I have an exam I need to prepare for, and I’m writing, am I grey?

I’ve loved with my entire soul, and hated with every gut in me, but I’ve never hated someone I love, and have come to love people I used to hate, am I grey?

We are all grey, neither us is black or white. We wish to be sometimes, and we are at times, but you can’t be dark forever, and brightness fades too. What we do? How we do it? When we do it? Are things that define us. Nothing matters more than what you are and what you wish to be. Nothing. But to get to where you want to be, you have to go through society, and it is grey.

We are black, we are white, we are Black and White, we are Grey.

Remember, you need to go through 50 before yo become white or black.

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