Don’t Fall in Love – Rise

Why do we fall in love, when it is said to be one of the strongest emotions?

Why do we fall in love, when it is said to be element that makes someone?

Why do we fall in love, and not rise in love?

We as people we are, do not know a lot of things about the world we live in. Each time we wish to learn something new, we develop ourselves enough to understand it, to learn it, to memorize and use it. We make ourselves, better, we develop, we rise to a level higher than we were. Love is the most beautiful thing and we should rise, not fall. Or maybe the love we seek is weaker than the love we have and we need to fall for it?

When we meet someone, when our eyes meet for the first time, we let our guard down. We let them into our deepest thoughts, we let them into our lives, maybe it’s our guard that falls.

You look at them, angry, frustrated, pissed and for the first time in your life, instead of thinking “who cares?” you go and ask them, “what’s wrong”, you let you ego down, maybe ego is what falls.

You have priorities, you have plans you have a life beyond them, they probably know everything about, but they don’t know you are going to visit a friend or going to a party, a movie, or a cosplay and they call you up and say “meet me”, and even though it was important you cancel on it and go to meet them, maybe it’s other priorities that fall.

No matter how good your day was, there could be one little thing that makes you angry and you are completely raged up, smashing that little tin can on our way home. You unlock the door and the give you a hug, and you melt, it brings back every single memory you had and you fall in love with her all over again, maybe it’s our anger that falls.

You need to fall, to rise. When you fall so deeply, there will always be a hand to pull you up, and when they do, you are going to stand taller than ever before. That’s the power of love, and I guess that is why you need to fall in it. Fall in love harder and rise stronger, don’t waste it on someone you believe is worth it.

Only after the fall of a grapevine, you see a raisin. Sorry.

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