Shh! It was just a bad day

She was sitting on the bed, her legs stretched. I crawled on the bed and went close to her and rested my head on her lap. I didn’t face her, but her feet.

“Are you okay?” She asked. I nodded and held her tightly.

“Okay” She said and started stroking my hair.

Not that she didn’t know something was wrong, but that I wasn’t going to say a word. She knew the more she pushed for, the angrier I’ll get. For this was not the first time, and wasn’t going to be the last either. She had seen this side of me earlier, and well, that was the first time, she saw me at my worst. We don’t talk about it. For both of us know, it isn’t to be bought up. I tossed and turned a million times, but she just kept stroking my hair.

I got up, looked into her eyes, and then rested my back on the pillow beside her. I pulled her close, she didn’t resist, instead rested her head on my chest. I saw her fall asleep, and wished to see her till the end of time

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