The net acceleration produced in a body is directly proportional to the applied force and inversely proportional to the mass of the body.


Newton’s Law of Motion,

cosmos_galaxy_milky_way_nebula_space_stars_universe-913321 (1).jpeg

Even though the man, made laws to make us understand the motion of a body, everything seems to have a deeper meaning.

Sometimes we wish the things were not the way they are, we wish our lives had followed a different path, we wish people understood, but well, you could force things to move, not people. You try to make them understand; feel what you feel with all you have and against all you know, until there’s no one standing on your side, not even you.

“It is impossible, I’ll never reach there, it’s time I learn and give u  ” and then you meet someone who gives you FAITH and then you fight again against everyone until    your faith dies. But then, you meet another person who gives you another way to the same address and new will for another day, and then comes in another person and then another and you meet these ‘faith’s on mere coincidences.

We come across incidences, people and things every day and even though they seem coincidences they are not. The Universal Force is not that lazy.

The universe has its own flow, it goes the way it wishes to, you could either fight the flow of the force or enjoy it. Enjoy it? No, I’m not telling you to stop fighting, I’m not telling you to give up and sit back, I’m telling you take a minute, sit back and think, think about where do you wish to be, first why? And then how? Overcome the FEAR and explore; the depths, the heights, the bright side you are at and the dark spot you haven’t so far. Think about the blocked paths, and the paths that you haven’t tried yet, leave yourself free, flow with the force, don’t pressurize, fly, just maintain that slight angle and let the universe guide you; and those flames in you, keep them alive, for that will make you different, distinct.

Believe that sometimes the only way out of darkness is through it, understand that faith lies within, it’s not external. Hope, however, could be. Understand the difference between “there will be” of faith and “there should be” of hope, believe the in ‘faith’s you met in coincidences, and now believe that coincidences don’t exist, only sequences do and what you went through to get here was a sequence of coincidences, a ‘serendipity’.

If the universe is what you are fighting with, if you believe it is what is stopping you from getting there, then why the sequence? Why?

You haven’t given up so far, not now.

The universe always fall in love with a stubborn heart

We all have a sequence of events, no matter how much time it takes, how tired you are, how may times you’ve wished to let go, you’ll turn up exactly where you always wished to be, for people play unfair, the universe doesn’t. Identify the sequence and say what you feel, before you are too late, waiting is a mistake.

For, “When nine hundred years old you reach. look as good you will not. Go young Skywalker, May the ‘force’ be with you.” This was coming, you saw it coming right? Anyone, hi-five? No? Yoda??

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